Leading Lawyer,
Evan James Mammas
Attorney at Law
Evan James Mammas, founding partner, with more than thirty five years of experience specializes in domestic relations and family law matters, inclusive of complex litigation involving child-related matters, maintenance, business evaluations for professional, medical and closely-held corporations, and the allocation of property.  He has been selected as a "Leading Lawyer" by his peers within the martimonial bar.

Evan works with his clients to solve problems and seeks to achieve the best possible results on their behalf.  Although martrimonial and family law cases are, by their nature, highly adversarial, MAMMAS | GOLDBERG maintains at the core of its practice a philosophy and policy of resolution of disputes by mutual agreement to avoid costly and lengthy litigation.  This requires patience, persistent negotiations and the counseling of their clients on the current status of the law. 

Understanding that gaining an equitable financial settlement is a priority for clients, Evan applies his business acumen to financial discovery, analysis, negotiation and litigation.  When negotiations fail, MAMMAS | GOLDBERG is prepared to litigate, at the highest levels consistent with professionalism, to promote and protect the interests of their clients.  Evan is an experienced trial litigator which allows him to avoid litigation when possible through negotiation, and prevail in Court when necessary.  Evan personally recognizes that decisions he assists and helps you make today will permanently effect you and your family in the future.   

As a seasoned family law practitioner Evan has had the ability to adapt to the domestic relations enviroment over time.  Adjusting to our clients needs and their economic reality are of the utmost concern and focus during the representation process. Despite periods of great economic uncertainty, the law firm of MAMMAS | GOLDBERG has been able to stay the course and adjust accordingly.

Evan is a graduate of Purdue University and earned his Juris Doctor Degree from IIT - Chicago Kent College of Law.  He is a member of the American Bar Association and its Family Law Section, the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Association, was a Past President of the Hellenic Bar Association, and a former member of the Advisory Board at Northside Community Bank, all of which have enhanced his skills as a family law attorney .  

Jerry S. Goldberg

Jerry S. Goldberg (1951-2016) was a co-founding partner of MAMMAS | GOLDBERG in 1981.  Jerry obtained his undergraduate degree from Northern Illinois University and  earned his Juris Doctor Degree from IIT - Chicago Kent College of Law.  Jerry practiced exclusively in family law, having specialized during the last several years as an advocate and child representative in child custody and visitation cases.     

Rebecca L. Fink
Legal Assistant

Rebecca Fink (Becky) has approximately twenty years of legal assistant and administrative assistant experience.  She has an extensive knowledge of family law and matrimonial issues which permits her to work closely with our clients in the preparation of discovery documents, under the supervision of an attorney, inclusive of Requests for the Production of Documents, written Matrimonial Interrogatories, Subpoena's and Riders, and should the need arise, the preparation of Trial Exhibits for litigation.      Becky can be reached at (312) 630-1111 or communication by Email at